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CrystalsNord Technology

Company does scientific research of single crystals growth and developed own innovation AHP-VDtechnology and equipment.

The single crystals of Ge, ZnTe, CdTe \ CdZnTeGaSb, GaInSb, Bi4Ge3O12, Li2B4O7, KMgF3, CsI, NaI, NaCl, CaF, KMg3[AlSi3O10]F2 have been grown.

Pilot production of wafers for high-tech industry.


Company does development of  CdTe \ CdZnTe  nuclear detectors and detecting modules . 

2018.09   Company is invited participant of Europian Conference on Crystal Growth 6


2017.10   Company has taken Patent RU "Method of seeded growing CdZnTe".


2017.10   Company is participant of Open Innovations 2017.


2017.09   Developed and tested Charge-Sensitive PreAmplifier for CdTe\CdZnTe.


2017.08   Single crystal of ZnTe for terahertz irradiation has been grown.


2014.12   Project was supported by grant of NuclearTechnology cluster. 

2013.06   Company became the resident of "Innovative centre "Skolkovo". 

2013.05   project was supported by FASIE on programm START-13  Н3.